Outside the western coast of Spain on granite rocks a small animal named percebe or goose barnacle lives. A valuable delicatessen that only can be found where the waves from the Atlantic ocean beats the rocks. The daredevils who takes them are called percebeiros and they live lives where taking huge risks are part of their daily routine. 

In a small Galician town named Baiona thirty-some minutes from the northern border to Portugal is the vantage point from where some of the country's and the world's best percebes can be found. This hidden treasure can potentially be worth more than 200€ per kilo and it is not only its strong sea flavour that makes it a coveted product. The tale of how percebes made its way from the sea to the some of the best restaurants in Spain is a big part of why customers pay large sums to eat it.

Even though the brave men and women on the rocks often have many years of experience and good eyes for great percebes, it is a job that can be fatal. The strong and relentless weather in Galicia has taken the lives of many percebeiros over the years. The ones who were incautious and those who were going too far to potentially earn a great deal of money.