Ahmed Ali

The number of times I have shot sports events can be counted on one hand. So when I was offered a chance to shoot and cover a boxing match, it was with nervous excitement that I said yes. 
6.30PM - I met up with 20 year old Ahmad Ali and his brother Khalil, and we drove off to the boxing event, which was set to go down in Benløse Hallen near Ringsted in southern Sealand, Denmark. 
60 kg - Ahmad's weight, which he had been working on a lot. So when he had been weighed, it was finally time to get something to eat. And what is better than mama's healthy authentic food. 
3 x 3 - 3 rounds of 3 minutes per fight. It does not sound like much, but as Ahmad said; "It feels like forever, once you're in the ring". 
8.38PM - Ahmad steps into the ring for the first time. All the 22 boxers are been presented over the speakers and the boxers shakes hands with their opponents. Ahmad's opponent is Lasse Mølholt, who Ahmad had defeated once before. 
Game 10 - Ahmad's game was the 10th game out of 11 that night, so the long waiting time was spent watching his two teammates fight (and win), talk to his huge entourage of friends and family and of course warming up and getting ready for the fight. 
11.13PM - Ahmad's anthem starts playing on the soundsystem. And vast amounts of smoke is shot out of the smoke machine. The spot light turns on and is directed at Ahmad and his two coaches. Fight on! 
5-0 - At precisly 11.29PM the ring judge raises Ahmad's left arm. Another victory in the books! He won by points and 5 out of 5 judges' thumbs up. And his anthem "Stand up for the Champions" starts playing over the speakers once more.